bleiCOLOR Dry Ridge Vent Roll: Colour-coated lead sheet for sealing ridge and hip tiles

bleiCOLOR Dry Ridge Vent Roll was specially developed for sealing all typical ridge and hip tiles. The full-metal solution consists of a single lead sheet, giving it an extended service life. Its high intrinsic weight renders the edges extremely resistant to wind uplift – flapping due to adhesive fatigue is thus excluded.

Since no adhesive is required to fix bleiCOLOR Dry Ridge Vent Roll, it can be fitted in any weather and at any temperature. Once unrolled on the ridge, bleiCOLOR Dry Ridge Vent Roll only needs to be fixed to the apex using nails or tacks and then formed. The corrugated sheets are elastic at the expansion zones and can be formed individually. The perforation ensures reliable aeration in accordance with DIN 4108 (Part 3).

The UV- and weather-resistant coating ensures a uniform, long-lasting finish that harmonises with the roof colour. The sheets are supplied with a two-colour coating so that they can be laid on either side. bleiCOLOR Dry Ridge Vent Roll thus perfectly complements the classic bleiCOLOR and its self-adhesive variant bleiCOLOR-SK.

Like all lead sheet products from Röhr + Stolberg, bleiCOLOR Dry Ridge Vent Roll is manufactured from recycled lead and is ideal for recovering.

More information

Technical specifications

Basic material
Lead Sheet
Double-sided colour coating

Standard dimensions
280 x 5,000 mm
320 x 5,000 mm

Colour combinations
Brick red / brown similar to RAL 8004/8019
Brick red / charcoal grey similar to RAL 8004/7021

Aeration cross-section
as per DIN 4108 (Part 3)
approx. 150 cm/metre laid, sufficient for a rafter length of 15 m



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