Lead wool: Maintenance-free joint sealing

Lead is a particularly durable, adaptable product for masonry and metal connections. It protects roofs and façades reliably from the weather and is also suitable for radiation protection projects. Poorly accessible areas in medical facilities, for example, can be completely shielded against X-rays, gamma rays and electromagnetic radiation using lead wool.

The product enables a homogeneous joint surface to be created that prevents the ingress of moisture and blends discreetly into any environment. One particular advantage is that lead joints are extremely durable and still accommodate the movement of the surrounding materials easily even after working. Lead wool is compatible with all materials used as standard in roofs and façades. It satisfies the conservation requirements for historical buildings and is eminently suitable for maintaining old walls.

It can be worked with great flexibility and fits any joint size. Depending on the force applied, a density of up to 11.0 kg/dm³ can be attained. Lead wool is available in fine threads as a sprayed variant and in coarse threads as a cut variant.

Lead wool is 100% recyclable and is thus perfect for sustainable construction.

You can discover how lead is worked in our processing notes.

More information

Technical specifications

Basic material
Pb 99.97

Standard dimensions

Sprayed lead wool:
diameter approx. 0.35–0.5 mm
Packing unit: approx. 25 kg in box

Cut lead wool:
thread width approx. 1.5-2mm
thread thickness approx. 0.2-0.25mm
Packaging unit: 25 kg bag

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