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Our quality products protect humans, the environment, and technology. Whether rolled lead, components, or specially manufactured products, Röhr + Stolberg represents expertise, experience, and responsibility when dealing with lead as a working material. We rely on “Expertise made in Germany” and on more than 100 years of experience; we are trailblazers in the area of quality assurance and in the sustainable handling of lead as a working material.

Lead – our expertise for all applied technologies

Lead Sheet for Roof & Façade

Röhr + Stolberg is Germany’s leading manufacturer of lead sheet and lead wool for roofs and façades. The products are characterised by an extremely long working life and weather resistance. Whether classical Lead Sheet to DIN EN 12588, uniquely refined VENUSBLEI, coloured bleiCOLOR or tin-coated products, we have the right solution for every need.

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Radiation Protection

Lead from Röhr + Stolberg is amongst the most highly performing materials in the area of radiation protection. Röhr + Stolberg combines the classical advantages of this material with extensive expertise in the implementation of radiation protection projects – and, depending on the individual customer requirements, offers single components or equally complete solutions, consultancy, and project management.

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Röhr + Stolberg possesses decades of experience in the manufacture of high quality lead anodes and of lead alloys for electroplating technology. We manufacture anodes individually according to the requirements profile and customer requirements. As an experienced partner for industry, we advise our customers individually in order to achieve the best possible result for the actual intended application.

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Apparatus Construction

Lead from Röhr + Stolberg is the ideal working material for industrial applications in the area of corrosion protection. Röhr + Stolberg has decades of comprehensive experience in the processing of lead – from individual components to complete pieces of equipment. We manufacture and machine components up to a diameter of 8 metres and up to a weight of 100 tonnes.

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Industrial Engineering

Lead from Röhr + Stolberg possesses unique advantages which are essential in many areas. We plan and manufacture according to customer requirements. No matter whether this involves pressing, stamping, embossing, turning, milling, drilling, pressure and gravity die casting, paintwork, punch nibbling, or water jet cutting – our highly modern machining processes guarantee maximum product quality.

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