Radiation protection for construction projects

Practical and reliable radiation protection solutions


The use of radiation has become indispensable in many areas of modern life. Radiation provides a valuable tool, be it for X-ray facilities in GP practices or radiation-protected operations, but reliable shielding must be provided to protect humans and the environment.

Lead possesses unique advantages when it comes to shielding X-ray suites and similar facilities. Thanks to its high density, it affords reliable protection even in small thicknesses. Its extensive flexibility means that even corners, edges and uneven surfaces can be fully covered, making it ideal for efficient, compact shielding.

From rolled lead sheets and plates to lead chevron rails, Röhr + Stolberg offers products that combine 100% protection with simple processing.

We will be happy to advise you on your radiation protection project. We have decades of experience in this sector. In addition to components ready for use, we offer a wide range of services up to radiation protection calculations and the installation of rooms protected from radiation.


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Accessories: lead bond spray adhesive

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