Long-lasting roofs and façades

Lead sheet is one of the most traditional materials used for roofs and façades. Even today it is the material of choice if particularly durable, high-grade solutions are sought for roofs and façades. Its combination of weather-resistance, cold forming properties, recyclability and compatibility with other construction materials is unique.

Röhr + Stolberg is a leading manufacturer of classic lead sheet to DIN EN 12588. It also offers groundbreaking innovations in lead sheet products. Its portfolio including surface treated Venusblei, coloured bleiCOLOR and tin-plated bleiPLUS contains variants suitable for restorations of historical buildings and modern architecture alike.

Lead sheet products from Röhr + Stolberg consist of 100% recycled lead and have received the coveted Environmental Product Declaration of the Institute Construction and Environment e.V. Professional training courses for installers and made to customer specifications special solutions complete our range of products for roofs and façades.

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Lead Sheet for Roof & Façade



DIN EN 12588

bleiCOLOR Dry Ridge


Church Lead


Lead wool

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