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Maximum shielding is top priority where dangerous levels of radiation are present. Radiation protection solutions from Röhr + Stolberg provide this assurance – individually tailored to your research, nuclear power or nuclear waste disposal project.

Röhr + Stolberg has the expertise to develop and execute complex and complete solutions to customer specifications. The company has supplied well-known organisations, including DESY, CERN, the Helmholtz Centre and the Fraunhofer Institute, as well as leading national and international companies in the nuclear power and nuclear waste disposal sectors.

To provide shielding from gamma and beta radiation as well as X-rays, Röhr + Stolberg processes lead – for neutron shielding other materials including boron carbide and HDPE may be used. Depending on customer requirements we can supply individual components, or take responsibility for the complete development and execution of complex radiation protection facilities.


Further products

Shielding for synchrotron hutches
Shielding for radiation measuring equipment for monitoring and contamination testing
Container for transport and storage of nuclear fuel cells and ion exchange resins
Components made from low-activity lead
Mobile shielding walls
Accessories: lead bond spray adhesive

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