Radiation protection in all dimensions


Lead is one of the most efficient radiation protection materials. Thanks to its extreme density, a small lead thickness facilitates a high level of shielding.

Röhr + Stolberg has the expertise to develop and execute radiation protection projects to individual customer specifications. We supply individual components as well as complete solutions and provide our customers with tailored advice on site to ensure that X-rays and beta, gamma and electromagnetic radiation are safely shielded.

To do this, we are able to draw on extensive experience in all application fields from industrial installations and medical facilities to research projects. Our products shield individual measuring instruments as well as entire rooms, or radioactive substances during transportation. Depending on the type of radiation, we process boron carbide, HDPE and polyethylene as well as lead. Products made from low-radiation lead are used in measuring technology in particular.

Radiation protection in all dimensions

Research, nuclear power and disposal

Safety Engineering, Non-Destructive Material Testing and Industrial Systems

Radiation protection for healthcare and nuclear medicine


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