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Components that fit perfectly, made to customer specifications, informative training programmes and individual consultancy: Röhr + Stolberg GmbH relies on expertise made in Germany and over 100 years’ experience to offer the best possible protection to man and the environment, buildings and technology.

The Krefeld-based company is part of the Calder Group and is Germany’s leading processor of lead. Our products are shipped all over the globe. Röhr + Stolberg leads the way in quality assurance and working with lead in a sustainable manner.

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Röhr + Stolberg: Expertise made in Germany

The foundations were laid in 1872 when the company Gustav Röhr was established. Since then, Krefeld has been the home of high-grade lead products for a wide variety of applications.

Today’s Röhr + Stolberg GmbH is the result of a merger in 1986 between two companies with a long tradition: the family-owned Bleiwerk Röhr GmbH and the lead processing division of Metalon Stolberg GmbH. The latter grew with the development of the centuries-old lead and zinc industry in the city of Stolberg.

All divisions of the company, from administration and product development to production, have been located in Krefeld since 2000. This close proximity of the divisions guarantees fast service and extremely effective quality assurance.

Since 1989 the company has been part of the Calder Group Ltd, based in Chester, England. The group is one of the foremost European enterprises in the field of lead processing and industrial engineering, with subsidiaries in Germany, England, Ireland, France and the Netherlands. Röhr + Stolberg thus benefits from an international network of high-performing lead product manufacturers and engineering companies.

The company now employs around 165 people and is an established supplier to both the construction industry as well as for industrial applications and research. Product innovations such as Venusblei and X-Ready, the highest quality standards, personal service and a responsible approach to lead handling form our guiding principles.

With the aid of modern, certified production processes Röhr + Stolberg is capable of processing over 30,000 tonnes of lead per year. 50% of this is exported.

Careers: Embark on a successful future

Be it an historic cathedral or a modern research facility, at Röhr + Stolberg you will be helping to ensure that exciting customer projects are crowned with success. You can rely on an employer that embodies the best entrepreneurial values and highest industrial standards.

Röhr + Stolberg is a superbly positioned company with strong exports. It is renowned for its first-class product quality and its strong sense of responsibility towards people and the environment. Highly skilled employees who have a long-lasting affinity with the company guarantee this. Röhr + Stolberg values high employee satisfaction and a system of developing staff performance that recognises potential in individuals and advances this in a focused manner, therefore.

All departments of the company, whether production or sales, R&D or management, work closely together at the plant in Krefeld. Short communication paths and direct personal contact between the staff are distinctive features of Röhr + Stolberg, making the company one of the most innovative in the industry and one of the best service providers. Röhr + Stolberg is firmly established in the Rhine-Ruhr region, which is economically strong and offers a good quality of life.

The company places a very high value on training young people. It takes on apprentices and also works with educational institutions such as the Hochschule Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences.

You will find our current vacancies below. You can also apply to us of your own initiative. We look forward to receiving your application!

Our quality guarantees: state-of-the-art expertise and extensive experience

Röhr + Stolberg has been expanding and perfecting its production processes continuously for over 100 years. Today the plant in Krefeld is capable of processing over 30,000 tonnes of lead per year. A wide range of mechanical forming technologies are used, from rolling, embossing, pressing and stamping to mould or die casting. A combination of state-of-the-art expertise and extensive experience characterises all aspects of production. To achieve the optimum results we have invested in a comprehensive, integrated quality management system, which is certified in line with DIN EN ISO 9001 and guarantees the top quality of all products.
Quality assurance also includes delivering the products safely. We are thus the first German rolled lead manufacturer to use transport pallets that are certified by DEKRA as conforming with the cargo and transport safety standards according to DIN EN 12195-1 and the VDI guidelines 2700.
Our processes certified according to environmental standard DIN EN ISO 14001 are designed to ensure the sustainable use of lead as a resource. All lead waste is recycled. Our products consist to a large extent of recycled lead. All our lead sheet products consist entirely of recycled lead and have been awarded the Environmental Product Declaration of the Institute Construction and Environment e.V. in accordance with ISO standard 14025. An energy data management system compliant with DIN EN ISO 50001 regulates the responsible use of valuable resources for all company processes.

The safety of our employees is equally important to us. Our occupational safety and health procedures are certified as complying with OHSAS 18001:2007.

Like manufacturing, all company departments from materials procurement and production to sales and customer service are certified in accordance with DIN EN 9001:2008. Service, consultancy, made to customer specifications production and prompt delivery all intermesh at Röhr + Stolberg to ensure optimum customer satisfaction at all times.

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