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Lead possesses unique properties that are indispensable in many fields: scarcely any other material has such a high specific weight, making lead an outstanding substance even in compact spaces. Added to this are the excellent forming capacity and high conductivity of the metal.

The high weight of lead is used to stabilise cranes, forklift trucks, elevators and the keels of ships. Lead also serves as a vibration damper in the automotive industry and other applications. In addition, it is used as a component in the battery industry.

The application fields are often quite individual, necessitating close coordination between the customer and the lead manufacturer. Röhr + Stolberg has a mastery of virtually all lead processing technologies. As an experienced partner of industry, it is capable of producing both components and complete solutions in a wide range of variants and sizes.

We design and manufacture to the customer’s requirements: whatever process is used – pressing, stamping, embossing, turning, milling, boring, die or mould casting, coating, punch nibbling or water jet cutting – our ultra-modern production processes guarantee a top quality product.

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